Use them as your messengers

The POS / POP / Catalogue, whatever you call them, are a very important tool for sales in automotive business. You must utilize this tool as your communication messenger. All of us know that because of high-attrition of manpower. It’s practically impossible to keep trained manpower for each product lines. These tools can provide complete information in right and succinct manner to the customer. Also, a customer feels more confident about his decision when he is more aware about it.

We deal with the world’s best automotive POS designer and are always updated with the best of the world’s technologies and formats. If you are not happy with your current catalogues, give us a chance to improve them. We have the expertise to deal with these problems.

It’s advisable to always keep the same paper, size, look and feel of the catalogue of your entire range. We are not into printing but we did this job for 10 years in different cities / states / country, that we even understand the technical aspect of it. You would be surprised to know the cost difference in this job.

It’s not any more about defining the thickness of the catalogue, gone are the days when we used to debate over hours for 110 GSM or 130 GSM or 100 GMS with UV or without UV. It’s the time to engage the customer with interactive stuff.

Yes, we understand your grief of not having the right POP for your showroom. Let us design something for you, not in thousands but in the numbers you need.