Automotive TVC Production

Automotive media production needs a very good understanding of technology equipment required for shoot whether it’s a TVC or a Still Shoot. The creative agency might be getting international directors, photographers and DOP’s but until they have the right equipment and team to work with, they are not worth spending the money. Just to name a few equipments such as a jimmy jib, a panther, a moving head, a gyro, a stabilizer etc. Most of the time in our experience we have seen the agency provide three quotations and the purchase department selects one of them. This is a right approach for purchase as long as the purchase person is from the automotive production industry. How many times you have seen purchase people going on a Television commercial shoot or a still shoot and checking the equipment list? With OTTOEDGE, we help you to understand this automotive media production business and provide solutions, not just cost estimates. With our expertise and collaborations globally, we can bring you the right talent with the right price.