Have-You-Noticed-More-Automotive-Marketing-on-Social-Media-Here’s-WhyIts time for Automotive Dealers to look beyond the traditional print advertising to reach consumers. Digital marketers have evolved from in various forms such as social, mobile apps, interactive games, to original video content to build brand awareness and loyalty as well as to increase footfall into an automotive dealer’s showroom
What to Do…
• Be honest: The visitor on the page or account should be able to get information which is true & honest because a decision to take a car is a big decision and the customer cannot be fooled regarding this. Dealer should always use his social media for ethical practices
• Listen to your customers: A dealer should always listen to the people posting on this page & make sure that he replies to the visitor’s query. This will help the visitor not only to clear his query but also have a ‘We’ feeling towards the dealer. It will also help the dealer to know what the customers are thinking of this product and take necessary action.
• Keep them active: The dealer must always strive to keep his fans or followers engaged by regular posting or by organizing contests & giving them gifts. This can indirectly help the dealer to attract more traffic on his page and increase his database.
• Proper Plan: The social media marketing of a Auto Dealer must be properly planned as in what kind of content they need to post that can convey their message. For example if a new car is launched then the Auto dealer can use his page to promote that car. .
• Give Proper Time to Social Media : It is mandatory to spend a lot of time on your social media channels to shape them properly and to be active. It will definitely give you results.
• Integrate your online efforts to offline channels:Whatever you do online should also be promoted through your offline communication. For eg. We should promote people to like your page on facebook through your print ads etc.