Capturing the best of Audi-Still Shoot Production.

Brand launch campaign-MAN Trucks India

Rebranding of Vertiv India


Strategy to us isn’t dry logic, rather it is the application of ingenious solutions to tricky problems. Our solutions not only help clients meet key business objectives but also pave the way for future communication endeavours. When mixed with our creative efforts, our strategies are a potent mix that can build enduring brands.

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An alumnus of IIT Bombay and Washington University in St. Louis, Abhimanyu steers Ottoedge’s efforts in the strategic domain. He envisions the organisation’s role as a partner that helps clients solve critical communication problems.


Digital Advertising is undoubtedly the most dynamic and promising advertising medium. We have a firm grasp of this medium. What sets us apart is our ability to weave its different elements into a singular fabric that ultimately helps us achieve our objectives.

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With diverse experience in client servicing, marketing and digital marketing, Adya brings to the table fresh perspectives.


At Ottoedge, we feel the pulse of the consumer. We combine an astute understanding of the product with hard facts to create traditional advertising that connects with our consumers. Innovation lies at the heart of everything we aspire to communicate.

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Madhav possesses a flair for producing work that is refreshingly original and that appeals to the sensibilities of consumers across various strata.


We are open, honest and engaging conversationalists when it comes to any form of Social Media. Our candid approach helps us continue conversations about brands and create favourable spaces for them in the consumers’ minds.

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Passionate and completely committed to the craft, nothing excites Dheeraj more than a creative challenge. A highlight of Dheeraj’s work is the simplicity it exudes and an irreverence to orthodoxy.


Over the years we’ve been fortunate to work with a wide variety of clients. Our work is spread across the communication spectrum and reflects our commitment to meet client needs. While creativity is a critical part of our work, the mainstay of each piece of work is to successfully solve the communication problem.

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Do you want to know more about how we work? Or maybe about what inspires us? Or would like to hire us as your agency? Just call or write to us. We’d love to hear from you.

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