An alumnus of IIT Bombay and Washington University in St. Louis, Abhimanyu steers Ottoedge’s efforts in the strategic domain. He envisions the organisation’s role as a partner that helps clients solve critical communication problems.
CEO and Founder

Our Credo
Nothing is ours, except time.

Who we are.
We are a passionate, driven, talented, agile agency that has its focus on creating quality
with a keen eye on saving time.

What we do.
When it comes to our work, we have a single-minded focus. Our only ambition is to ‘make
decisions easier’. For the customer and for the client.

How we do it.
With expertise in strategy and creative we create solutions that help clients get to the ‘aha’
moment faster and more easily. And at the same time convince customers to respond to
our communication positively. Creating equity for the brand.

What it means.
When you add our strategic and creative expertise to our keen understanding of the
nuances of your business what you get is effectiveness, quality and time-sensitive solutions.

What we believe.
We believe our work, as our lives, should be driven by a search of meaning. Rather than
mere pursuits of success and wealth. Because when you strive for meaning, you create
value. And that value benefits everyone in the communication eco-system. The client, the
consumer and the brand.